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How to choose an Electrician

Today I want to speak about how to choose an electrician in UK. If you are a homeowner or a landlord and you need some electrical works done, you should be very aware of how you choose your electrician from the point of view that you need to look to choose the electrician that is qualified. So that he’s completed all his training as far as it goes with apprenticeship. NVQ Level 1, Level 2, NVQ Level 3 in electrics. You should be looking if he’s got 2391, inspection and testing, 2394 or 2395. You should be looking if he’s going to do part rewiring or if he is going to do full rewiring in your house, or if he’s going to do some partial rewiring in your house, or if he’s going to put just a new circuit, or if he’s going to do alteration to the existing installation, or if he’s going to test your installation, or any kind of work.

You should be choosing an electrician that is registered with one of the organisations which regulates the training and work of electrical enterprises in UK, within the electrical industry as NICEIC, which I am registered with. The other one is NAPIT. Another one is Stroma. As well ask a little bit around for people experiences, because there’s this so many contractors out there that claim to be electricians that actually are not qualified or registered as Electrician. And they come, they will rip you off. And the quality and the job they will do will cause you more headache and more trouble than rather paying for the right contract. For example, NICEIC contractors, they are every year checked, their work is checked. They have to pass hard exams to get and be NICEIC approved contractor or a NICEIC Part P contractor.

Also, you have the option to go on the NICEIC website http://www.niceic.com/householder/find-a-contractor and to go on to check a contractor. And then you can put there the postcode and you can see which contractors or which electrician is an approved electrician in your area. As well, you can put the name of the company in there and you can check if the company is registered with the NICEIC. Because there might be a lot of people that claim to be electricians, but realistically, to be an electrician these days, they need to give you some warranty for the works that they do.

Just be very careful. This is going to be very important for you. It’s going to save you time, money, and you’re going to feel treated for the money that you pay. You’re going to get that quality back for the money that you pay. That’s all I wanted to tell to you about checking very well on your contractors. You can call the whole process a prequalification questionnaire. So you want to check their qualifications, you want to check their insurance, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, NICIEC certificates, NVQ Level 3 certificate, if he’s a registered electrician. You can also find more details on http://www.niceic.com

You can go with a JIB card. See what card he’s got. If he’s really committed, he should have a golden card as an electrician. Or if he’s got upper skills, he will have a black card, which is for supervisors and managers. Just be very careful because there’s so many people there that will look to mislead people. And you better pay off and get the proper electrician to carry out the works for you, because electricity, it doesn’t forgive. It’s just that one split second, that can be fatal.

Also if you need any help with construction in general as sequencing of works or contract side and planning, all these types of things, you can let me know and I am more then happy to help.

All the best

Tudor Tepelus



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