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Hello Welcome to Tudor Living Electrical Story, today I want to share with you how I started the business.

About 20 years ago I was living into the beautiful, architectural, wholeheartedly historical Italy, it was a hot summer, and during the day was getting up to 42 degrees at midday.

I was delivering leaflets door to door , I liked the benefits of the job, but I was lost.

It was one year since I’ve given up from the high school of arts that I was going to.

I needed a solution, which I asked for, and one day a guy came to work with me, and he introduced me to a school that was training.

Electricians, called Galileo Galilei after the famous renaissance astronomer, physicist, engineer, that reinforced the theory: the sun is the centre of our solar system and the earth revolves around it.

After finishing this electrical college, I came to England and done another electrical college, I worked and gained experience until 2018.


When while I was working as a subcontractor and doing some private weekends work within

domestic properties

this was when I realized that not a lot of people want to do domestic electrics, because of different


as the complexity of the job, the hard work, the discipline and the requirement of being organized.

From this great idea I formed Tudor Living, by providing electrical services to householders and letting agents.

The company initially was called TTD Electrics, but over time I thought to change it, so I choose Tudor from my name and because it could remind people of Tudor’s Royal Family.

The other particular reason I put my name on the business is because I care about the business, about you and the problems that you are facing.

Do you remember when you called that


to quote, but never returned with the quotation, or when you had that


that left the job unfinished, and never came back again.

My business objective

is to work with you from beginning with clear communication, advise, planning and organizing

in order that at the end of project you achieved your objective too.


When you have an

electrical problem, you call me and I am coming along as a

Hero and sort your problem, once it is

sorted you become a hero too, this way we are both heroes.


Coming back to the second part of the business name:

Living which comes from my aim to bring people life’s to a better living by providing them with

electrical solutions.

Overall I’ve enjoyed  this business journey with all the ups and downs, it had teach’d me a lot.


If you would like to read more about electrician check the link for more on my blogs:  https://tudorliving.co.uk/blog/

All the best.

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