Isolation Switches in the Kitchen

Why should you have isolations switches in the kitchen?

The isolation switches are designed to protect the user, in the case of need for mechanical maintenance, and emergency interruption.
For example in the kitchen the hob might stop working, or a fire might start in the oven, in this causalities the homeowner can use the isolation switch to interrupt the power and do a simple check to see what happened, obviously at times the problem need to be checked and rectified by a qualified electrician.
With the passing of the years we are having more and more electrical items in the kitchen as: Dishwasher, washer-dryer, washing machine, fridge freezer, electric oven, combi microwave / grill, Induction Hob, Extractor Fan, Wine cooler, plus many others around the house, for this reason every single appliance in the kitchen needs to have means of interruption in case of emergency or maintenance, and should comply with the following regulations.




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