I’m going to address how works an electrical condition report.

How it works?

I am coming to the property and I will test the
Electrical installation,
the Wiring of the Installation and  the
Fuse box.
the procedure goes in the following way.
 I will test the
Sockets and Switches then I will check
The bonding, do thorough visual inspection.
If this circuits which constitute 15% of the installation are ok, I will go no further on testing, If everything is fine.
If this 15% is not compliant, then I will go on carrying  further testing on additional circuits.
I will continue to 30% of the installation.
If, again, the installation is showing signs of non-compliance, I will go to 50% and so on, to the point that I can go to 100 percent, testing the whole installation.

How long it takes?

 It can take up to, depending how big the property is,
for a three bedroom house, it can take up to three hours, four hours.
The fuse box could will be without power at different times.
It is advisable to disconnect all the appliances before the testing, but should they be plugged, it is not a problem, it is manageable to work around.
You will receive the certificate at the completion.
You have to pay before receiving the certificate, whether you passed or failed.
So when you receive the certificate.
If you pass, you’ll receive just the certificate, which is going to be satisfactory.
If not, you’ll receive an unsatisfactory certificate and you’ll receive together, as well, a quotation for the remedial works.
And then you can decide how you want to approach the remedial works.
You have 28 days by law to rectify the remedial works.

How much it costs? What is the procedure?

The prices are different from starting from one bedroom flat to maisonette to two bedroom house to three bedroom house, four bedroom house.
The prices are different.
Prices are a bit higher than the usual out there.
The reason for that is that I will do a thorough electrical installation, inspection and testing.
And I will tell to you, “Exactly the state of your installation”
Not going to work to the expectation that I will price it very cheap and then find all kind of very small
issues that are

insignificant and try to make my money on the remedials.

I will do a correct properly done certificate.

Mainly, this is the procedure.
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