What fuse should I use in a Plug?

A fuse is designed to protect the flex cable by breaking if the current raises above is current rate.

If a fault develops in an electrical device this can cause the current to increase,

which can cause the wire inside the fuse to melt,

therefore the flex cable will not get overheated and there is no chance of starting a fire.

Replacing a fuse with anything else that is not a designed for the purpose could be dangerous and isn’t advisable.


What fuse should I put in the plug?

Well depends of what appliance is the plug serving

  1. 13 Amps If it is appliance as, washing machine, extractor hood, dishwasher, wine cooler, kettle, iron.

  2. 3 Amps for boiler, table lamp, standard lamp, television,

  3. Although 5A fuses were used in older appliance, they are still produced.

Will Plug work without a fuse?

No it will not work.

We can use the following equation to calculate the fuse that should go into an appliance depending of it’s wattage,

To calculate the current in the device.


As Example a 40W Lamp.

Therefore I= P/V=40/230V=0.17A

Therefore the lamp should be fitted with a 3 A Fuse should be used.

Grass trimmer of 300W

I=P/V= 300/230V= 1.30A

Therefore a 3 Amps Fuse should be used.

Toaster of 800W

I=P/V = 800/230V= 3.48A

A 13 Amps Fuse should be used.

More simple that that we know now that there Is a

cut-off point where any

power rating above certain value will require a

13 Amp fuse,

and below it will require

a 3 Amp fuse.

By using this formula it tells us that

P=IxV= 3×230


P<690W;  Therefore if the power of the device is below the 690W you should use a 3Amps fuse.

P≥690W;  If is Greater that or equal to 690W you use a 13Amp fuse.

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