What is an Electrical Condition Report? EICR, Electrical Condition Report

When you last had an MOT for your house


The MOT for your house is called Electrical Condition Report, it checks the situation of the Electrical Installation.

I give you a brief example: You know that moment when the car broke down on the side of the motorway because you didn’t fix some parts that were due to be fixed.

Same could happen with your house if you don’t get the electrics checked and you remain without power until the electrician comes and fix it.

What is the Landlords duty in regards of Electrical Safety Standard in the private rented sector Regulation 2020?

  • Ensure electrical standards are met as per 18 Edition of the Wiring Regulation  BS7671.

  • Landlords must ensure their rented properties are inspected and tested by qualified Electrician every 5 years.

  • Supply a copy of the report to existing tenant within 28 days.

  • If works are required from report they  must be carried within 28 or shorter period.

  • Supply written confirmation of the completed remedial works resulted from report to the tenant and Local Authority.

What is the aim of the Electrical Condition Report?

Following is my Golden List that I follow!


1. Consumer unit state, has it got the right components; Is it the right enclosure; Is it fire rated; Is it waterproof; Passes the finger test?

IP4XX at the top

IP2XX Side and bottom

2. Sizes of earthing and bonding?

3. Lights within the Kitchen are they steam and condense protected at IP20 rating?

4. Lights within bathroom are they waterproof?

Zone 0= IP67 

Zone 1=IP65

Zone 2=IP44

5. Kitchen appliances can they be isolated for maintenance and emergency?

6. Signs of damage or wear and tear that might affect safety?

7. Lighting circuits properly earthed and functional?

8. Departures from IET Wiring Regulation?

9. Record results of the Inspection and testing and make sure the installation is safe to carry it’s service until next inspection.

Understanding the codes:

Code C1- Immediate Danger present: When an Electrician finds this code he must remediate  it straight away, before leaving the site.

Code C2- Potentially dangerous, it might become dangerous when a fault occurs.

Code C3- Improvement required, there is a deficiency in the installation, that is not dangerous, but will require Improvement.




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