Is it better to buy old house or new?

What is better old or new?

From personal point I found most of the people being unhappy about new builds, in regards of their electrical needs,  people of these days look at incorporating in their houses Home cinema Tv and Home Theatre Audio Systems, or concealing the cables for CCTV systems in the walls.
Here they come to realise the unbalance between property price and  methods of construction that don’t allow space for future changes, as many times developers build walls with DOT And DAB, and for example if  additional wiring is needed it will involve cutting walls, complete the job  and making good, in a big proportion of cutting and damaging walls.
Is it better to buy old house or new?

Is it better to buy old house or new?

Therefore a good method will be to build the walls with metal studs so future additions are allowed in a easier way, or containment for cables could be left behind the walls to incorporate future needs.
Is it better to buy old house or new?

Is it better to buy old house or new?

Now we can think which house is better old or new, both have advantages and disadvantages.


New properties have the con of not allowing for future changes to be easy made, and they are highly expensive, lack of particular style as all look the same, they incorporate less space,
Pros of New properties can be: They are Energy efficient, with good insulation and new construction methods.
Old properties pros: Are that they have more space and storage, bigger gardens, and they have character.
Old properties cons: They need a lot of refurbishment and maintenance.

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