Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors   

Who are they?

They are the electrical firm that provide electrical service comprising: Residential, Commercial or Industrial. They can be more specialized in one of the fields entitled above, so look out to see in which area are they specialized more to choose the most suitable contractor for your needs.

What they do?

Electrical Design, is the most important aspect in the creation of a safe, satisfactory and good looking Electrical Installation.

Electrical Installations up to standard and compliance with 18 Edition Regulation. Apart of meeting the Wiring Regulation a safe Installation will last longer and will be easier to maintain.

Fire alarm installation, done properly will guarantee: Life saving, Money saving, Asset saving, Feeling Protected is Really Worthy.

Door Control and Security System, Installed to keep your Commercial space or house safe.

Initial Inspection and testing, periodic inspection and testing. No electrical Installation can last forever so testing is a key thing to make sure the electrical installation is operating correctly and safely.

Planned Maintenance is good for maintaining the electrical Installation and to wait until something goes wrong and causes more detriment than it should.

How to choose and Electrical Contractor?

A most common word used in construction is to carry a PRE-QUALIFICATION-QUESTIONAIRE, in simple words check their qualifications.

Relevant References?

Their staff Qualifications?


Financial Information’s?

Relevant Experience?

Information’s about technical and professional ability?

Information’s about capability and capacity?

Health and Safety policy?


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