Dimmer Light Switch In Your House



Dimmer  light switch in your house are those types of controllers for the light that allow to control the luminosity of the lights.

They are mainly used in living room where you can dim them down and enjoy a cozy evening watching tv and having that bit of light level that allows you to enjoy your glass of champagne.

Kitchen you can have different light as undercounter lights,

Above island lights

Main lights

Choose to dim different set’s of lights at your own pace depending of where you need the most.

1.How to choose a dimmer?

You need to consult an experienced electrician or the supplier that sell the dimmer.

2.How many types of dimmers are there?

       2 types: Trailing edge work well with led lights

      Leading Edge work well with traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs

3.How to choose the light for the dimmer?

The light that you want to dim should be dimmable compatible by having this attached symbol.

If it doesn’t have this symbol it might still work, but not for too long, by damaging itself the bulb or damaging the dimmer.

4.Do led lights need a driver?

Yes some as led strips need a driver to reduce the voltage from 230v to 24v or 12v depending on the requirement of the led strip.


How many types of bulbs are there?

  • Halogen bulbs

  • Compact florescent light bulbs

  • Magnetic low frequency (MLV)

  • Electronic low frequency (ELV)


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