Testing of Electrical Installation

Hello. Today is Saturday.



I was called out by a customer on Friday, which was yesterday. And he’s saying he’s got a problem with the hob. Meanwhile the conversation through the phone I couldn’t hear him very well, I mean while speaking, because I was at work and there was a lot of drilling and noise around. But I picked up the details and today, Saturday, I came to do the job. I found out the cables had some short on the back of the connection of the cooker and the cable was damaged.

Funny enough I managed to get some slack of the cable from the back and fix it. And I wanted to take this opportunity and speak that many of my customers ask me?  As I’m going always  to carry out fault finding with  my multifunctional tester  and many of my customers, they’re asking me, “What are you doing with that machine?”

And realistically, what a multifunction tester is doing is practically …….. let’s look at it from an engineering aspect that, “Well, sir, when there’s a leakage in the water, you can see it. When there’s a leakage with gas, you can smell it. But when there is a leakage in electricity, there’s no way you’re going to smell it or see it.”

The only way to identify a leakage in electricity is to test the electrical installation. So that’s what we’re doing with the multifunctional testers. We’re testing the cables, the resistance of the cables, when the cables are dead without electricity, and when the cables have electricity in them and we also input into the cables electricity to see if the insulation of the cables is damaged. This method is mainly used in existing installation that are old or that have been used for a long time and are subject to wear and tear.

And from the other side, yeah, that’s why. And we test the resistance of the cables  which is measured in ohm’s. Ohm is the measurement of resistance and is also one of the primordial sound of the universe, the original vibration of the universe, from which all other’s vibrations. Yeah, and well, this is it.



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