Dimmer Light switch In your House

Dimmer Light Switch In Your House     Dimmer¬† light switch in your house are those types of controllers for the light that allow to control the luminosity of the lights. They are mainly used in living room where you can dim them down and enjoy a cozy evening...
Tudor Living Electrical Story

Tudor Living Electrical Story

Tudor Living Electrical Story   Hello Welcome to Tudor Living Electrical Story, today I want to share with you how I started the business. About 20 years ago I was living into the beautiful, architectural, wholeheartedly historical Italy, it was a hot summer, and...

Testing of electrical Installations

Testing of Electrical Installation Hello. Today is Saturday.     I was called out by a customer on Friday, which was yesterday. And he’s saying he’s got a problem with the hob. Meanwhile the conversation through the phone I couldn’t hear...
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