How to eat healthy and be happy. I found last week in a book called Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins that you can eat a lot of the water-based food like veggies which have a lot of water-based food. And it’s well explained in a way saying that, “We are 60% made of water.” And the fact is very interesting as well that by eating less meat and eating more veggie, when you eat more veggie, the stomach doesn’t need to work as hard to digerate.  A reason why we feel tired after we eat is because all the blood needs to go to the stomach in work to break down the foo . So if we eat veggie, it’s easier to digerate the food and you don’t need all that energy to spend on digeration.

I found it really works. I’ve tried it and it’s really good. And, yeah, I’ve changed a little bit on my diet and maybe it will change your one.Serotonin Picture

Picture bibliography: Crosness Pumping Station  7/October/2019     9:49 AM

So that’s why I wanted to share it with you. And you can see as well on the picture that I’ve attached above about the serotonin and the foods that you can eat to boost your serotonin naturally, which will make you to feel more happier, seeing that these days a lot of people suffer with mental health and they have mental issues. If you have any problems with mental health, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the people that are around you. Even if they might not be able to help you, at least you released your story with someone else, and who knows from where help might come.

If you read my  blog thank you very much. I wish you all the best and a lot of health.


Picture bibliography: Crosness Pumping Station  7/October/2019     9:49 AM

Unlimited Power-Anthony Robbins  18/July/2021-6/September/2021


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