Electrics Stay Safe

Most causes of fire or accidents in Uk are caused by the misused of electrics.

  • If any sockets or switches are damaged or broken get them replaced by an Qualified Electrician. Damaged or broken socket can present a risk of electric shock.

  • Be careful with what you buy and use approved British Standard Electrical appliances and equipment, look for the ‘’Kitemark’’ safety symbol.

  • Sockets Safety – Don’t overload one socket by connecting extensions or multiple appliances.

  • Bulbs and switches- Don’t use a bulb that requires more wattage than the fitting, it can get hot and cause fire. Use the right dimmer that is fit to work with the correct type of bulbs.

  • BE AWARE OF COMPROMISED ELECTRICAL SOCKETS AND SWITCHES – Have your house checked for burn marks, buzzing or crackling sounds or excessive heat with a Registered Electrician.

  • DO NOT LEAVE TUMBLE DRYER THAT’S RUNNING UNATTENDED, they can cause fires if aren’t used as per owners manual.

  • Never Dry Clothes by placing them over an Electric Heater.

Bibliography: Electrical Safety First – The UK’s Electrical Safety Experts 18 June 2021

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